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Sound Fiscal Policy Bob McGrory believes in responsible government.  His attention to detail has cut costs while enhancing services to residents.

Revitalization: Bob McGrory has worked with State and County officials to ensure that municipal needs are being addressed.

Quality Education:
Bob has worked with school officials to assure quality education for all students.

Welcome to Bob McGrory's web site
This site originated with elections several years ago in Prince George's County.

While much of the information is old, this is still an archive to learn about Bob circa 2003.  Bob McGrory served as Mayor of Bladensburg from 2002 to 2005.  Prior to that Bob served two terms as a Town Council Member, and has taken on leadership roles in a variety of local and regional efforts to improve his community... Currently, Bob serves as Town Manager in Centreville, Maryland  Learn More.

What People Are Saying About Bob McGrory

Peter Shapiro, former Chair of the Prince George's County Council
"We would be lucky to have somebody of Bob's caliber representing us." He has a knack for "finding the things to pull us together as a community...across political jurisdictions, across race lines, across class lines. He has been a wonderful leader."

News & Information

Bob McGroryBob's record: Bob's hard work has earned him broad support in his many endeavors.

The McGrory Family:
Ian (6), Maya (4) and Laura are a familiar sight at Town events and on walks with their dog Roxanne.

The new 47th DistrictBladensburg:
Bob formerly represented this quiet Town of nearly 8,000 inside the Washington DC Beltway.

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